About Straight From the Heart Studio!

Straight from the Heart Studio, established in 2022, is a small art business that focuses on selling items such as art prints, tote bags, pins, and more! Through selling items that tend to feature vibrant and fun artwork, the primary goal is to spread a little bit of happiness to each customer one creation at a time!

About the Artist!

Hi! My name is Theresa Pratt and I am the owner of Straight from the Heart Studio! From a young age, I have always loved to draw and paint. I would spend hours being imaginative, thinking of different ways to express a feeling, idea, or thought different than the way I saw or experienced it the first time. As I have gotten older and begun to explore my creative interests more, I decided that I wanted to start sharing my artwork.

I was initially going to sell my work as prints only, but then decided to take it a step further. Through creating digital pieces and paintings that tend to include the usage of vibrant colors, positive messages, or cute doodles, my goal is to spread the same amount of happiness to other people that I feel when I am in the process of making them. Thank you for reading my introduction and for your support!